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  • Interception

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    - Interception-

    Forcibly takeover a selected city with a 10% success rate

    - It can be helpful in both earlier phase, and the latter phase of the game.

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    is this card worth using even though it is only 25% success rate?


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      During the free 3-5 Star Interception event. One of my guild mates happened to get the 5 star! Feel free to spam her and play games with her! She has carried me muliple times haha

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        Originally posted by LuckyMouse
        arghhh that 5 star interception stole my 45b property+ then my opponent jump

        That is so unfortunate
        Theta is too casual for signatures...


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          Thank the lord I pulled this card from a special combine.


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            like how they released the 65% takeover ver. of this card after so many players getting its 5*.


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              this card is downright OP with zero risk whatsoever... i don't see how it isn't broken, and now there's even a 65% version...


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                The 65% version will only last Holo is in effect, it will return to 50% like the rest of the earlier interception cards after the +15% Effect expires

                50% means it has 50 50 chance to succeed*, failing the interception means you just used a card in your deck and got nothing out of it, like a dead card in your hand. which sucks as people usually play this on their starting 3 hand.

                *35% chance to fail for the time being, considering this isnt a permanent effect I'd say it's insanely useful atm, but will be a regular hit and miss card after the Holo effect is over

                IMO cards with no risks are those that doesn't really fail, skills like Birthday party or Bash
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                  The effect will only last for a month just like the rest, matter of fact 22 days left now

                  100 days is just the display on it in commemoration of the game xD


                  • #10
                    I just got the regular 5* version and im happy to evenm have it, let alone complain I dont have the 100th day version, it'll be the same as the normal in a few weeks.


                    • #11
                      Which would you prefer? Free for all, or a gold card interception? Or maybe both?


                      • #12
                        this card is complete bullshit

                        I have been counting the success rate of my 5* card and out of the 326 uses, it worked only 72 times

                        the 50%is a freaking lie


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                          My brother recently got a 5* Interception, we have practice matches and he always uses it!

                          It's a good one, I recommended it.


                          • #14
                            i just got one of these badboys. its better than FFA in team and solo.


                            • #15
                              I have this equipped (5 star version) but after seeing hotmilk's post I think I'll start tracking it's success rate. I do like having it and dumped Free for All after getting it.