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[TIPs] Hologram Skill Card Guide

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  • [TIPs] Hologram Skill Card Guide

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    New [Hologram Skill Card] system has been added to Game of Dice!

    Let’s find out more about the Hologram Skill Card system!
    • Hologram Skill Card Effect
    Click image for larger version

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    - You may check the Hologram skill cards from [Skill Card > Skill Card Collection]!

    - Hologram effect applied skill cards can be distinguished by its bonus stats and glittering effect!

    - Hologram effect will be applied for 31 days. (Please check the remaining date on the bottom of the skill card)

    - Bonus stat of the Hologram Skill Cards [EX) Toll fee+30%] will be in effect when the skill card is used in a match.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	홀로그램스킬카드테이블.JPG
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    Here are 4 Hologram effect applied skill cards. The Bonus stats look amazing and critical!
    Imagine applying these bonus effects in a match!

    We will update whenever there are new Hologram effect applied skill cards through [GM's TIP] so stay tuned!
    Thank You.
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  • #2
    After the effects have worn off will they still look holographic, or at least have some sort of symbol to say that they were such as the event they were obtained in?


    • #3
      They will lose the Holo effect, as for the symbol the 100th special edition ones or the valentine ones might keep those labels intact as event card exclusives


      • #4
        Fair trade, I guess...?

        Since, load of gems are handed out if we manage to obtain these card within event.