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  • [TIPs] Character Combine TIP

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    Are you confused about the Character combination?
    Let's break it down like this,
    If you combine two of the same Max Lv. characters, you will get a higher grade of that character.

    If you combine two different Max Lv. characters, you will get a higher grade random character,
    Ex) Max Lv./ ★5 Rica + Max Lv./ ★5 Raven = Lv.1/ Gold ???

    Max Lv./ ★5 Rica + Max Lv./ ★5 Rica = Lv.1/ Gold Rica

    Don't be confused and seek for the truth!

    Shake off your hands, stretch your fingers,

    and let's get ready to roll some Dice!

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    i want to know tip combine skill card too. thank you^^


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      anyone knows how much it costs to enhance 2 5-stars?, and how much gold to max them


      • CookiesNWaffles
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        I'm not sure how much gold is needed, but for a random character combine for 5 Gold requires 300 Gems.

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      Urghh, that's hard to find 2 same character and upgrading them ><~


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        good method , but it'll cost a lot of gems
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          how can i combine, i dont see this option on the game


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            Hi GM, I face some problem in Game Of Dice. I can't make any purchase for diamond in game.
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            Please assist me asap, THANKS


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              ive tried several times to make in game purchases and everytime it craSHES. WHATS UP? please help


              • bigsmokah
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                Can't help but I have a growth guide mission that asks for Character Update x1...? I've looked online and found nothing worded like that. I don't really know what enhancing is unless thats leveling up. Funny thing is when you click on the support button in settings it takes you to a sight more for people with billing issues.

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              ​Thank you for the Useful information


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                great. ​Thank you for the Useful information

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                  For this new character I think we must be spending more gems than the old ones. It will be good if the gaming company can avail free gems in blog like it used to give for the old characters. Buying new gems can cost more as some the players already had gems which they are using for other characters.