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  • [TIPs] Character Combine TIP

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    Are you confused about the Character combination?
    Let's break it down like this,
    If you combine two of the same Max Lv. characters, you will get a higher grade of that character.

    If you combine two different Max Lv. characters, you will get a higher grade random character,
    Ex) Max Lv./ ★5 Rica + Max Lv./ ★5 Raven = Lv.1/ Gold ???

    Max Lv./ ★5 Rica + Max Lv./ ★5 Rica = Lv.1/ Gold Rica

    Don't be confused and seek for the truth!

    Shake off your hands, stretch your fingers,

    and let's get ready to roll some Dice!

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    i want to know tip combine skill card too. thank you^^


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      anyone knows how much it costs to enhance 2 5-stars?, and how much gold to max them


      • CookiesNWaffles
        CookiesNWaffles commented
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        I'm not sure how much gold is needed, but for a random character combine for 5 Gold requires 300 Gems.

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      Urghh, that's hard to find 2 same character and upgrading them ><~


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        good method , but it'll cost a lot of gems
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          how can i combine, i dont see this option on the game


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            Hi GM, I face some problem in Game Of Dice. I can't make any purchase for diamond in game.
            Member id: 4370413
            Name : ۶⁼³逆境不足憂ت
            Please assist me asap, THANKS


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              ive tried several times to make in game purchases and everytime it craSHES. WHATS UP? please help


              • bigsmokah
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                Can't help but I have a growth guide mission that asks for Character Update x1...? I've looked online and found nothing worded like that. I don't really know what enhancing is unless thats leveling up. Funny thing is when you click on the support button in settings it takes you to a sight more for people with billing issues.

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              ​Thank you for the Useful information