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[TIPs] End the game in just a few turns! Team Match Haste Gamble deck

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  • [TIPs] End the game in just a few turns! Team Match Haste Gamble deck

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    End the game in just a few turns! Team Match Haste Gamble deck

    Today I would like to talk about the Team Match ‘Haste Gamble deck’. It is a little different from the normal ‘Gamble deck’ because the starting card will include a ‘Haste’ Skill card. The plan is to use ‘Haste’ to roll 6 which will move you to the “Minibattle” which your Team player will also do. This will make the “Minibattle” multiplier to increase quickly

    This strategy can help you earn a lot in one shot and quickly finish the game. In 3~4 turns, you can use all of your Starting cards and end the game. Even if you lose, you can just bankrupt and move on to the next game quickly for another chance.

    ■ Skill cards, Character and Dice settings.

    In the Team Match Haste Gamble deck, you and your team mate must use ‘Haste’, ‘Pro Gambler’ and ‘Big Match’ as the starting card. It is also wise to put in ‘Pull’ and ‘Drag’ as the Supplementary Cards in preparation for any situations.

    In the ★4 character list, ‘Raven’ and ‘Tora’ has the same stats, and in the ★5 ~ Platinum grade, ‘Tora’ has the highest stat for minibattle. Also don’t forget to use the ‘Rose’ Dice since it has a high probability of increasing the minibattle multiplier every time you land on the minibattle.
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    ▲Starting Card Setting
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    ▲‘Tora’ is the best character for minibattle
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    ▲The ‘Black Rose’ dice, you can aim to increase the minibattle multiplier.

    ■ How to use this strategy in the actual game.

    When the game starts, use ‘Haste’ and aim to go to the minibattle. You will only roll even numbers which will make it easier to roll 6. If you succeed, try the minibattle once and use the ‘Pro Gambler’ to do it again. When this is all done and your turn is over, the minibattle multiplier will be at least x4 ~ x16.
    If the multiplier is at x4, go around the board and try to raise the multiplier and if the multiplier is at x8 or x16, both you and your Team mate need to use ‘Big Match’. It is wise to use the low grade ‘Big Match’ first and then the higher grade ‘Big Match’ to increase the multiplier even more. When all these steps are done, the game should be over or at least it will be clear to see the clear winner and the loser.

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    GM Mary, fix the minibattle first, i hv experienced error 2 times on minibattle, and make me bankrupt !!
    The problem is I was the leader of the game, I mean that I was the person who landed on the minibattle block first, so other player must try to guess the side I choose right ? BUUTT, I lost, because the situation is reversed !!!!
    Fix it, alrdy experience this 2 times. I should be the one who receive the reward because I was the leaderrrrr


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      Overpowered we got beaten in a minute
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        They should really nerf the minibattle multiplier, honestly. It's meant to be a small component of the original monopoly game, but yet we are seeing entire strategies being formed based on this pocket strategy to win the game in an unorthodox way


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          My only problems with mini battle is if the opponent and you have the correct same guess there should be no payout that would balance it well.


          • johncruz02
            johncruz02 commented
            Editing a comment
            That's what I thought at first too. But as I played the game even more, I realized that my thoughts on the mechanics of Mini Battle is actually wrong!

            For example, when I land on the Mini Battle, we are actually not guessing what coin will come out the hat always, rather the opponent will guess what coin will I choose. On the other hand, if the opponent lands on the Mini Battle, I will be the one to guess what coin he will choose.

            The coin that appears out of the hat is the chosen coin of the one who landed at the Mini Battle tile. Therefore, it is actually impossible for the opponent and you to both win.

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          Pleasee fix the bug, i experienced this bug again, its my third time, sigh.
          I m as the person who land on the minibattle block first, and when my opponent wrongly guess the side I hv been chosen, but why I m the one who paid ?
          Is it only me who experience this bug ?


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            Risky deck


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              what a combo!!!!


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                It'd suck if you choose the wrong coin though


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                  insane strat.


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                    This kind of strategy should not be encouraged and it really ruins someone's game experience. When two of your opponents constantly challenge you in mini game, you and your team mate are bound to lose 66% of the time.


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                      I hatee this trickk, make me afraid to enter team battle, if no, sigh, i hv alrdy ask help frm my guildmate to help me finish the event, arrgh :/


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                        That looks unfair!


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                          Win with dice not with cards!


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                            I dont like this skill combination, i hate it, the reason is because its so hard 4 me to win and make consecutive streaks

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