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​[EVENT] New Goods? New Event!

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  • ​[EVENT] New Goods? New Event!

    To all contestants of the Genius League!

    Check out the new Goods and related events!

    1. Haunted TV

    - Collect Spooky TV from Map and craft to various items including ★4 Haunted TV!

    : Spooky TV x5 : 50,000 Gold

    : Spooky TV x8 : EXP Kit x3 x1

    : Spooky TV x15 : EXP Kit x5 x1

    : Spooky TV x50 : ★4 Haunted TV

    : Spooky TV x100 : Haunted TV Catalyst x1

    - Get ★5 Haunted TV and win ★6 Skill Card x1 (Once per account/Sent to mailbox)

    - ★5 Haunted TV Hologram Effect: Activation Rate +30 (~Until Maintenance on 8/24 PDT)

    2. Barrier

    - How to obtain: Get randomly from Luxury Shop > Goods Dream Pack

    - Get ★4 Barrier and get 1,000 Gems / Get ★5 Barrier and get 2,000 Gems (During Event Period)

    3. Magic Marking

    - Login and get ★4 Magic Marking Trial Ed. from mailbox

    - Craft ★4 Magic Marking with Magic Marking Trial Ed + 1,000 Gems

    Event Period:

    After Maintenance on 7/27 ~ Before Maintenance on 8/3 PDT/UTC/GMT

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    Awesome, I LOVE seeing new goods released. GM_Mary I need your help and tried to PM you but you're not accepting messages. How can I contact you please? Thank you.


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