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Name:	물먹은소.PNG
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    - Cool It Ox -

    For 1 turn, toll fee on properties with Golden Ox buff becomes 0 JOY


    - Use this skill card when you want to bypass opponent property with Golden Ox buff

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    This is basically a free "team discount" in team battle, definitely something you can use after opponent uses pursuit on your Ox, try to land into their killer properties for an easy take over
    better than discount or blackout assuming you're in the wrong end of the ox buff.

    I was hoping there was a skill card to negate possession of the ox, something like making the Ox buff nonexistent for 3 turns (revert to x1 multiplier for 3 turns) or reset ox level back to 0 but you can only use it if ox is LVL 2 and above (free for all scenario)


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